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New addiction... [Dec. 9th, 2008|01:03 pm]
SGA hasn't appealed to me in a while, and zelempa has been off in Sentinel fandom (which I'd gotten into and out of years ago), so I have been looking for something new for both of us. And I have found (drumroll!)... Criminal Minds. Watching the first season for now, but slash abounds. I think it's a good level of quality; that is, not actually good, but good enough to make people interested in fixing it up through fic. A few people are writing in it now, but I'm hoping that'll go up as SGA wraps up its final season.

So, things I have read today!


A Rock and a Hard Place, Hotch/Reid, R, angst, h/c, ~17,000 words
Hotch and Reid get captured and interrogated… with a twist!

Hero Worship, Gideon/Reid, R, case file, angst, ~16,000 words
Interesting case file, plus Reid gets captured (I sense a theme in the fandom)

Miriam Heddy

Misdirection, Gideon/Reid, ~3,000 words
There are many orchids. They have a plan.


First Kiss, Hotch/Reid, ~1,500 words
I suspect that eventually I’ll get tired of Virgin!Reid, but today is not that day.

All in a Night’s Work, Reid/OMC-ish, ~3,000 words
Sort of similar premise to above (Reid goes undercover to catch a person killing gay guys), but also well written.
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Things I read recently (all SGA): [Aug. 31st, 2006|01:00 am]
Entanglements, by Barb G. http://troutkitty.livejournal.com/44820.html
Summary: John falls down and is rescued. One is worse than the other.
Good torture fic is hard to find.

Exotic Species, by 30toseoul. http://community.livejournal.com/mckay_sheppard/969028.html#cutid1
“Get that motherfucking snake off this motherfucking puddlejumper right now!”
Hah. HAH!

Letters, by Kylie Lee. http://www.geocities.com/kylielee1000/atlantis/01/letters.html
“I love my love with a J, because he is joyous and juvenile. His name is John, and he lives in Jakarta, where he works as a joiner. His favorite food is Jell-O, and in his spare time, he juggles.”
I can see Rodney being obsessed with categorizing everything, including his feelings.

Face Value, by minnow1212. http://minnow1212.livejournal.com/209075.html
Mmm, telepathy. And broccoli.

Mousetrap, by misspamela. http://misspamela.net/stories/mousetrap.html
“How is this my problem?” Rodney stood up. “It's not even your problem.”
The notes are priceless.

Once More, With Feeling, by misspamela. http://misspamela.net/stories/once.html
“I have rules about blowjobs, you know.”
”That doesn't really surprise me.”

The aliens don’t make them have sex.

Phone Sex Story (untitled? I dunno), by Nifra. http://nifra-idril.livejournal.com/174988.html
“You are not twisting your nipples at all,” John accused, and it was absurd to sound hurt but he probably did, “you're typing!”
They fail at phone sex.

Fisticuffs, by ficsbyzee. http://ficbyzee.livejournal.com/47045.html
John continues staring. “Did you—did you *punch* him??”
“No! I—well.” Rodney scowls. “He was being a moron. He has poor directional sense, he may have wandered in front of my fist-”

Them Other Boys Don't Know How to Act, by eleveninches. http://dejabu.robot-army.org/sgaboys.html
Carson looked worried. “Seventy-five percent heterosexual? What does that even mean?”
“It means I'm less gay than Lance Bass, but more gay than Justin Timberlake.”

Irresistible tag.

XXQULMII, by Adler. http://adler1013.livejournal.com/949.html
“Not to someone colorblind,” said Ronon. The others looked at him, and he shrugged. “What? I prefer harmonious color schemes. Neutral earthy tones are best.”
Nothing quite like 15 year old slash fans.

Burnout, by Victoria Custer. http://www.ltljverse.com/watergate/stories/burnout.htm
“You need to let go of me first. And take your hand off my ass.”
Rodney freaks out.

12 Days of Christmas, by lunasky. http://community.livejournal.com/sga_santa/42727.html
Hah. Haha. HAH!

Amnesiac, by speranza. http://trickster.org/speranza/cesper/Amnesiac.html
Oh, John so wouldn’t even think of telling people if he couldn’t remember anything…

Fortuitous Night, Fated, Free, by Mirabile Dictu. http://mirabile-dictu.livejournal.com/54123.html
Stockholm Syndrome == creepy.

Rabbit, Rock and Twig, by giddygeek. http://giddygeek.livejournal.com/114514.html

Artistry in Chaos, by mandysbitch. http://mandysbitch.livejournal.com/211194.html
A less tolerant man would order Rodney back out into the corridor, only Rodney looks kind of appealing in his pyjamas and his bed hair and John is reluctant to let him go. John suspects Rodney knows this. Their relationship is synchronised: I know that you know that I know that you know and so on.
Urban Legends challenge.

Rodney’s Diary, by rageprufrock. http://rageprufrock.livejournal.com/259484.html#cutid1
Hah. Haha. Hahahaha….. HAH!

Parsus, by Lenore. http://scribblinlenore.livejournal.com/271829.html#cutid1
DADT fic. Sort of. Athosian customs/stories are creepy.

Higher, by danawoods. http://danawoods.livejournal.com/261244.html
Sheppard/Dex porn.

A-Flat, by ladycat777. http://ladycat777.livejournal.com/782904.html
Kinky musical porn?
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stuff I read today [Aug. 17th, 2006|12:20 am]

Virtue, by bibliotech. http://bibliotech.livejournal.com/443684.html
Summary: “Welcome back, congratulations on not dying. Do you have to come back from every planet a walking soil sample?”
Cute, fluffy, in character.

Good Luck Charm, by lamardeuse. http://lamardeuse.dreamhost.com/sg/goodluckcharm.html
Ahh, John’s T-shirts.
Rodney nodded. “Yes, done, fine. How do I smell?”
Sheppard sniffed delicately, then wrinkled his face like a vampire bat. “Like dainty little roses.”

There Is No Reason Why, by skoosiepants. http://skoosiepants.livejournal.com/149711.html
John has an evil twin! With breasts! (Evil breasts?)

True Enough, by Tora Kowalski. http://torakowalski.livejournal.com/48250.html
“The lock-them-together-in-a-very-comfortable-room-strategy?” Rodney asked deadpan. “What a shame more of our adversaries don’t know about that torture tactic. The Genii, for example, could benefit hugely from exploiting it.”
Progeny tag, thankfully not as angst-filled as most tags for this ep promise to be.


Revenge, by Astolat. http://astolat.livejournal.com/115568.html?#cutid1
Lex stopped laughing, because laughter wasn't really compatible with either speechless rage or massive uncontrollable arousal.
Oh Lex. *giggle* The kind of evil I appreciate.
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